2022 Schedule Available!

Both the program and field trips schedules are available for viewing and planning your weekend of enjoying the great outdoors with others!

The purpose of the Wenas Campout is to provide Audubon members, birders and their friends with a variety of natural history and recreation opportunities in a beautiful area with a fascinating assortment of spring flora and fauna. Wenas also offers the spiritual fulfillment of simply being outdoors. We do not charge fees for the Wenas outing.  Camp expenses are covered by voluntary contributions.

The Wenas Organizing Committee welcomes you! As soon as you set up camp, locate the Campout Headquarters, at a designated Larrison Tree, named in honor of the late Earl J. Larrison, a gifted and dedicated teacher, author, natural historian and conservationist who gave generously of his time each year to make the Wenas Campout a memorable experience. The designated Larrison Tree is where you will find a sign-in sheet, bulletin board, programs, maps, bird lists and a wildflower display.

On the field trips: If you read about a trip that interests you, we encourage you to go along. If you prefer to explore on your own or stay in camp, feel free to do so. Evening campfire programs are held at the Hazel Wolf Campfire Circle.

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