Special Tribute to Hazel Wolf

A recorded message from Peter Berle (President of the National Audubon Society) at the Wenas Audubon Camp on May 29, 1993

This is Peter Berle, President of the National Audubon Society, bringing the Society’s greetings to northwest Audubon members and their guests on the 30th anniversary of the Wenas Memorial Day campout. I want to send along special greetings to Hazel Wolf, secretary of Seattle Audubon, one of the founders and guiding spirit of the Wenas event. Hazel, I’m told that your fellow Wenas Creek campers, this evening, are in the process of officially naming the area, where you are gathered around the fire, as the “Hazel Wolf Campfire Circle”.

Hazel, when the embers die this evening, your spirit will live on, not only in that special place but in the hearts and souls of all of us. You have been the guiding spirit and conscience of Audubon. Not only during my tenure, but through the tenure of many presidents before me. Your inspiration has helped me personally as well as countless others. You have showed us that through persistence, eloquence, hard work and achieving understanding between peoples, we can indeed bring about positive change.

Hazel, we will make this planet sustainable. You have showed us how to do it. For that we are inspired and are grateful. Goodnight and many thanks.

Peter Berle