Directions from Ellensburg (I-90)

Take Exit #109 (signed Canyon Road, SR 821)
-Drive 1/2 mile north on Canyon Rd. towards town
-Turn left (west) onto Umptanum Rd. (also called Damman Rd.)  This road goes under I-90, crosses Yakima R., passes some agricultural fields before heading up Shushuskin Canyon.  At the top of the canyon, the pavement ends and Umptanum Rd. becomes a (usually well maintained) gravel road.  The name changes to Wenas Rd. at the county line, and the road continues over Manastash and Umptanum Ridges and past part of the L.T. Murray Wildlife Recreation Area (WDFW), which is about 15 miles from Ellensburg.  Along this drive through sagebrush country, watch for bluebird boxes on fence posts. There are wonderful numbers of both Mountain and Western Bluebirds along here.  Also watch along the road in the brown, rocky earth for Bitterroot’s rose-pink flowers hugging the ground.
-Very soon after you come to blacktop road surface, watch for Audubon signs.
-Turn right up the gravel road to the NW (hard right onto Audubon Road).
-In 2.8 mi, watch for a road to the left that crosses a bridge over Wenas Cr.
-After crossing the bridge, bear right and proceed past the horse and ATV campers to the Audubon camping area (signage/banner).
-Locate a campsite that fits your preferences to set up your camp, then you can walk over to the “Larrison Tree” where there will be informational handouts about field trips, campfire programs, a display of identified wildflowers, and a sign-up sheet.
Please remember, motor vehicles are not allowed to park within 50 feet of the creek.