2023 Wenas Audubon CampOut

June 2-5, 2023

Washington State Wenas Audubon Campout at the Hazel Wolf Wenas Bird Sanctuary
58th Anniversary (1963-2023) (minus 2 years for COVID)
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Welcome to the New, Improved Annual Wenas Audubon Campout!

Update 2023: The Wenas Organizing Committee has moved the campout to the weekend after Memorial Day to avoid conflicts with other campers using off-road vehicles. We hope this provides a more peaceful experience for all who attend.

2023 Schedule
2023 Evening Programs

The purpose of the Wenas Campout is to provide Audubon Society members, birders and friends with natural history and recreation opportunities in a beautiful area with a fascinating assortment of spring flora and fauna. Wenas offers the spiritual fulfillment of simply being outdoors. We do not charge fees for the campout.  Voluntary donations cover camp expenses.

The Wenas Organizing Committee welcomes you! After setting up camp, locate Campout Headquarters, at a designated Larrison Tree, named in honor of the late Earl J. Larrison, a gifted and dedicated teacher, author and conservationist whose efforts helped make the Wenas Campout a memorable experience. The Larrison Tree is where we keep the sign-in sheet, bulletin board, programs, maps, bird lists and wildflower display. If you see an interesting field trip, join it! Feel free to also explore on your own or relax in camp.

Evening campfire programs are held at the Hazel Wolf Campfire Circle. The Hazel Wolf Campfire Circle was named for Hazel Wolf on the 30th anniversary (1993) of the Wenas Creek Campout in Hazel’s 95th year. Naming the circle recognized her devotion in organizing the campout and her bright and witty presence at campfire programs. Hazel met her goal of living in three different centuries when she passed away January 19, 2000 at the age of 102.

In 1963, Hazel, Bea Buzzetti and Ruth Anderson wandered serendipitously into the campground on a Memorial Day camping trip. They were so impressed with the rich wildlife that they convinced Boise Cascade to make the campground available to Audubon campers on Memorial Day. This was the birth of our annual, statewide (now regional) tradition, the largest such event in the country.

Important Information

  • BRING YOUR OWN WATER. Do not use creek water for drinking. It is unsafe.
  • BRING COMFORT ITEMS. Hand sanitizer, extra toilet paper and Clorox wipes for cleaning porta-potties may add to your comfort. A small store at Wenas Lake sells some food, ice, beverages, etc.
  • YOU MUST HAVE A STATE DISCOVER PASS TO PARK AT WENAS AND FIELD TRIP TRAILHEADS. To locate where to buy a pass, go to http://discoverpass.wa.gov/133/Where-to-Buy.
  • Do not pick wildflowers and plants. There is a flower identification display for all to enjoy.
  • Campfires–Unknown at publication whether the state Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) will allow fires.
  • NO motor vehicles within 100 feet of creeks/wetlands (state DNR rules).
  • Keep your site clean and pack out your litter. There is no trash pickup at camp.
  • Protect wildlife. Respect nesting sites, especially birdhouses and nesting cavities.
  • Keep dogs leashed. Please do not bring them on field trips.
  • Respect your neighbors. QUIET TIME AT 10 PM. No noise, music or generators after 10 PM.
  • Please carpool to hikes. Many areas have limited parking, so carpool, save gas and cut down on dust.
  • Come prepared for very cold nights, warm/hot days and maybe rain.
  • Please sign the register at the Larrison Tree. PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY!

While we try to plan activities for everyone, you are free to schedule your own activities any time.

Hazel Wolf, 1898-2000. In 1966 Boise Cascade designated the Wenas campground area as a bird sanctuary. In Hazel’s centennial year of 1998, Boise Cascade joined Wenas campers in honoring Hazel Wolf—Wenas founder, extraordinary Audubon mentor and environmental activist—by naming the campground area the Hazel Wolf Wenas Bird Sanctuary. Her spirit continues with us.