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Official Website of the
legendary annual birding and camping event

Washington State Audubon Campout
The Hazel Wolf Bird Sanctuary
at the Wenas Creek Campground

Memorial Day Weekend
May 24-27, 2019

Hazel Wolf 1898-2000



A Washington State Discover Pass is required

EVERY Memorial Day Weekend, members of Washington State's Audubon Chapters and their friends gather in the Wenas Valley, located on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains between Ellensburg and Yakima.  With a variety of natural history and recreation opportunities, the Wenas Valley is a beautiful area that supports a fascinating assortment of spring flora and fauna, and offers the spiritual fulfillment of simply being outdoors in the spring. Everyone whether members of Audubon chapters or not is welcome to join us for this outing, which is attended each year by around 200 men, women and children and a large number of birds which, we like to think, enjoy being watched ever as much as we enjoy watching them.

The gathering is held in the vicinity of the Larrison Tree along Wenas Creek within the Wenas Creek Campground.  Camping is primitive, but it's about as nice a place for group camping as there could be.

There are "campfire"* programs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, and Field Trips (both birding trips and wildflower trips) scheduled Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Love of nature of all varieties means there may be insect hunts or bat watching as well.

And best of all, the entire event is open to all and is FREE.**

* Around our approved propane device

** Okay - you'll need gas money if you carpool on field trips, and donations for the portapotties and insurance are greatly appreciated.

Larrison Tree photo by Kathy Andrich

Click the link for the
2018 Wenas Program (PDF)


  1. NO motor vehicles within 50 feet of the creek.  This a new rule by DNR, as part of their program to increase protection of the property

  2. NO campfires or charcoal barbecues!  New DNR rules.  Temperatures are projected to be high, so DNR will be enforcing this rule.

  3. BRING YOUR own water. Do not use creek water for drinking. It is unsafe.

  4. Do not pick wildflowers and plants. There is a flower display, at the Larrison Tree for all to enjoy.

  5. Please note campfires are prohibited.

  6. Keep your site clean and take your trash out with you.

  7. Protect wildlife. Respect nesting sites...especially birdhouses and nesting cavities.

  8. Do not let dogs roam free. Keep them on a leash. It is not a good idea to take them on field trips.

  9. Respect your neighbors. Donít play loud music at any time. No noisy activities or generators after 10:PM.

  10. Please carpool on trips. Many areas have limited parking, so car pool, save gas and cut down on dust.

  11. Please sign the register at the Larrison Tree, but you need attend only those activities that interest you. Although we try to plan activities for everyone, you are free to schedule your own activities this weekend.

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